From the subterranean clubs of Wan Chai...

The land of Shod & Cane where the concepts of moderation, self-control and dignity went to die - or maybe just to hide under a sticky table in a night club to wait for the first ferry...

To the bright lights of London Town

... where there was simply no escape from our shameless, shoddy, beautiful selves no matter how hard we tried to grow up.

Club Dreamers have been keeping the dream alive

... for 20 goddamn years. Surely the longest messiest after-party in history.

So now to the rolling hills of Andalucía

To 'ave it reasonably large one last mother fucking time... you know, until the next time.

Club Dreams Reunion 2015: Up a Mountain in Spain

Date: 1-5 October 2015. Más o menos. You've booked your flights. Your name's down. Delrina and Mr Ward are coming to get ya!

You are all invited...

... to the Club Dreams Reunion 2015 on the first weekend in October somewhere up a mountain in Spain.

Mr. Ward and I have organised a stunning venue with accommodation, run by the very lovely Vic and Web, and we will arrange everything else to go with it.

The dates are set, the flights are booked, we have an Ace line-up - that be you lot - and everything is in place for an old school Hong Kong style mash-up!

Scroll down for everything else that you need to know.

Everything you need to know...



Somewhere up a mountain in Spain

The Line-up

Club Dreamers and Friends...


Your flights are booked AT LAST. We're coming to get ya!


Here's a selection to give you an idea - Let's 'ave it
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